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LEAD Clermont Academy: a Purpose, Mission, Philosophy, and Principles…

LEAD Clermont Academy: a Purpose, Mission, Philosophy, and Principles…

LEAD Clermont Academy continues to build on its roots that date back to 1988. Our foundational cornerstones are as follows.

Purpose: the LEAD Clermont Academy (LCA) exists to improve the economic vitality of Clermont County through Stewardship, Leadership, and Friendship.

Mission: to develop ethical, effective leadership skills at all ages, and to deploy those skills for the betterment of the Clermont community –its businesses, social services organizations, government entities, faith-based organizations, and families. To be recognized as a significantly impactful county and regional asset.

We believed Peter Drucker when he said: “Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership” We’re focused on eliminating friction, confusion and under-performance here at home in Clermont County.

Our LEADership Philosophy is Personal Leadership, Strengths-based Leadership, and Servant Leadership
* Personal Leadership: we can’t effectively lead (influence) others if we can’t positively influence ourselves
* Strengths-based Leadership: we are at our best using individual and team character strengths
* Servant Leadership: we serve a greater good; our impact comes from service to others

We Value our principles of:
* Stewardship: serving the greater good, efficiently, effectively, and ethically
* Leadership: our focus is leadership, for without that there is only friction, confusion, and under-performance
* Friendship: building a network of friends who serve together enjoying life-long friendships

As LEAD Clermont Alumni, we stand almost 600 strong and ready to continue to fulfill “The Promise.”

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