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More than simply a business advocacy organization, the Clermont Chamber of Commerce sees its mission as the advancement of the community’s overall quality of life

“In 1969, we began as a loosely organized group of individuals and organizations interested in the quality of life for people who lived in Clermont County,” says Matt Van Sant, the chamber’s fourth full-time President and CEO. “We organized around two projects: attracting a quality educational institution – the University of Cincinnati’s campus in Batavia – and the establishment of what became Mercy Hospital – Clermont.”Four decades later, the chamber points proudly to its involvement in such landmark community improvements as the development of State Route 32 and the widening of I-275 on the western border of Clermont County. The chamber also played a major role in locating the Milacron manufacturing facility and the establishment of the Eastgate Mall regional shopping district.

“People sling around the term economic development, but what it really means is the process of attracting private-sector investment in land and buildings, and the creation and preservation of jobs,” Van Sant says. “This is what creates a sustainable community.”

The Chamber involves itself in such areas as the development planning process, where it can influence the timing and placement of infrastructure investment and land-use decisions. The Chamber also fosters legislation favorable to a positive business climate and acts as a liaison between government and business when conflicts arise. And it maintains a vital interest in government financing programs and policies, as well as tax law.

The Chamber’s 800 members can expect to see these longstanding commitments to quality of life continue. “It’s pretty clear The Chamber will be successful by engaging its members and that’s exactly what we will be doing.” Van Sant says.

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The Clermont Chamber of Commerce sees its mission as the advancement of the community's overall quality of life.

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The Clermont Chamber of Commerce hosts a number of events and seminars each year, whether you are just starting your business or experienced. There are topics for you!

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