LEAD Clermont Academy

The LEAD Clermont Academy (LCA) exists to improve the economic vitality of Clermont County, through stewardship, leadership and friendship.

LCA Mission is to develop ethical, effective leadership skills at all ages, and to deploy those skills for the betterment of the Clermont community –its businesses, social services organizations, government entities, faith-based organizations, and families. To be seen as a significantly impactful county and regional asset.


LEAD Classic

LEAD Classic: Community leadership, 11 month program (50% leadership, 50% community)

LEAD Classic is a high impact, lively leadership and team building course developed to engage class members with volunteer services throughout Clermont County. Discover your ability to learn, grow, and LEAD. Download the LEAD Classic flyer or submit your application online.


LEAD Ready

LEAD Ready: High school program of 8 2-hour classes (90% leadership, 10% community)


LEAD Emerge

LEAD Emerge: Emerging leaders (20-39), 8 4-hour classes (80% leadership, 20% community)


LEAD Encore

LEAD Encore: Third act career leaders, program details TBD, 20% leadership, 80% community)



LEAD Over: Continuous education/development and team building for LCA Alumni



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