LEAD Clermont Community Leadership Program

LEAD Clermont Community Leadership Program

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LEAD Clermont Community Leadership Program (LEAD Clermont CLP) seeks to enhance economic vitality and quality of life in Clermont County through friendship, ethical stewardship, servant leadership and bold collaboration. This leadership development program engages individuals across all ages and walks of life.

With its roots dating back to 1988, the LEAD Clermont Community Leadership Program provides the greatest exposure to Clermont County, its leaders, and opportunities. This is a high impact, lively leadership and team building program to develop leaders who meet the demands of the moment.

During this 10-month program, you’ll develop leadership and team building skills, connect with local business leaders, and build relationships that last far beyond your class experience!

Discover your ability to thrive as a LEADer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop effective leadership skills in people of all ages. LEAD Clermont CLP Graduates make and engage in a promise to lend their skills in service to the community.

We strive to create awareness, educate leaders, and share what we know by being an open source of knowledge. To give back to their community, LEAD Clermont CLP Graduates make a “Promise” to proactively address a need that will better the Clermont County region. Through a set of tested best practices, we strive to build a sustainable, world-class community that attracts and retains talent. This is how we measure our success.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around three core methods of leadership that we want to promote: Personal Leadership, Strengths-based Leadership, and Servant Leadership.

PERSONAL LEADERSHIP: We can’t effectively lead or influence others if we can’t influence ourselves.

STRENGTHS-BASED LEADERSHIP: We are at our best when we use our individual and team character strengths.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP: We serve a greater good, and our impact comes from service to others.

The Promise

Leadership is about knowing the leader that’s inside of us, developing and growing that leader, and then actively putting those skills to good use rather than sitting on them. It doesn’t serve any real purpose to attend a class or series of classes, graduating, and then simply going back to doing whatever we were doing before. It’s important to takes those skills, connections and passion and now use them to do good.

The Promise is about doing what you said you were going to do. It’s about working in the community to make it a better place. Just as LEAD Clermont CLP makes a promise to its alumni to develop them into real leaders, alumni also make a promise to LEAD and to each other to use those leadership skills to give back to the community they live, work and play in.

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