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Zenith Restoration – GBQ Member of the Week: 06.26.2017

With more than 60 years of restoration and construction expertise, the team at Zenith Restoration serves the Tri-state area with best in class restoration and remediation services.  As their tagline says, we will make it Better Than Before.  They aim to take the pain out of repairing your home or business when it has been impacted by a disaster.


How do you or other leaders in your organization communicate the “core values”?

Core values for Zenith:  Respect, Integrity, Inclusion, Teamwork, Accountability/Honor Commitments.  These are communicated during orientation, but they are “lived” each day.  We do this by including all team members in a weekly meeting to discuss status of work in process, ending and soon to come.  This ensures that all members hear what is going on and all members are encouraged to provide input.  Some of our best ideas have come from our team members…not from the “top”.


Can you explain the impact, if any, that social media has made on your organization?

Social media has had an impact.  It is a channel that was not as prevalent even a few years ago, but is now a key channel to interact with clients and future clients.  We are spending time and attention in this area to make sure it expands awareness of Zenith.


What is your favorite movie? Why? 

Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back.  I am a big fan of the Star Wars movies and think The Empire Strikes Back is the best one!

Peter Mack, President – Zenith Restoration



(Pictured:  Bob Kling – GBQ Partners, Peter Mack – Zenith Restoration)

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