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Talent Snapshot has a New Learning Management Platform

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Talent Management LLC is delighted to announce that they have transitioned their Talent Snapshot® talent management solution to the new BizLibrary Learning Management System platform. It is now available to all Talent Snapshot® LMS subscribers. Not only will users be able to access the new competency-based learning by choosing videos and eLearning within Talent Snapshot’s® Development Plan, they’ll have access to over 7,000 other courses by topic, in multiple formats. Subscribers have UNLIMITED access to any courses on this new platform.

In addition, the BizLibrary Learning Management System is available through Talent Snapshot® as a stand-alone system to companies that would like an LMS-only solution. This relieves them of the typical large, recurring upfront financial commitment.

“We are excited to offer this to our existing and potential new customers. Soft skills development is finally gaining traction as a priority for all employees, with micro-learning leading the way.” said Jackie Messersmith, President.

“Talent Snapshot® now offers organizations the ability to effectively develop soft skills and get focused on the specific behaviors or competencies they need to change or influence, in order to reach their goals or objectives.”

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About Talent Snapshot®                                                                                       

Talent Snapshot’s mission is to help our clients engage employees and get results. We achieve this by using the most validated, predictive content on job profiles and competencies in the marketplace today – almost 40 years of research using a database of over 450,000 people on what predicts success, in over 100 benchmark positions. This enables users to target the right skills for improvement and set meaningful goals that help organizations realize their objectives. As a result of our “built from scratch” talent management solution, users interact with integrated, unique and powerful functionality, along with a better user experience. We make talent management simple.

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