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Leaders and Managers Uncloaked…

The distinctions of leadership and management can be described briefly with ten easy pieces of contrast:

  1. Leaders create and communicate the vision; managers follow the vision.
  2. Leaders lead people; managers manage processes.
  3. Leaders take the first step; managers take the next step.
  4. Leaders ask “why” and “what;” managers ask “how” and “when.”
  5. Leaders align people; managers organize people.
  6. Leaders motivate and inspire; managers administrate and control.
  7. Leaders mentor, teach, and pull; managers coach, tell, and push.
  8. Leaders challenge the status quo; managers work with the status quo.
  9. Leaders unleash potential; managers coordinate resources.
  10. Leaders build organizations; managers assemble teams.

This does not infer that leaders are better than managers – they are different by design for different purposes. We need them both.

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