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Grant Career Center’s LEAD Ready-1Iclass Zooms…!

Student LEADers experienced what it’s like to not have a clear Vision … after dealing with some frustration and confusion, and through trial and error, these students “Zoomed” to the end goal.  This interactive exercise demonstrated how a clear vision reduces frustration and increases the ability for “followers” to get to the goal quicker and more accurately = Inspire a Shared Vision!

The Promise these student LEADers are working on is the development of an “Ambassador Program.”

     am·bas·sa·dor (noun)  …a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity

Their Ambassador program has two components:

– Ambassadors to their home schools to share their experiences, decision-making considerations, explanation of the programs available…   through visits to 8th and 10th grade home schools; and as tour guides for visit to Grant. Elley Powers (2017 LEAD Classic Alumni) works with leaders

– Ambassador to Superintendent Lisa Tuttle-Huff, PhD to discuss issues and solutions; develop new opportunities; and to be a student conduit between the student-body and the Superintendent.

Next class is “Challenge the Process”

LEADers Inspire a Shared Vision

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