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Bzak Landscaping, Inc. – GBQ Member of the Week: 07.17.2017

Bzak Landscaping—a Cincinnati landscaping company—offers a comprehensive line of landscaping services, along with landscaping and maintenance supplies for retail, wholesale and commercial clients at our Garden Center. Turn your landscaping vision into a beautiful oasis that you’ll enjoy for years to come by using Bzak’s landscaping services in Cincinnati and the surrounding greater Cincinnati area.

What’s the most important thing your business does? 

Bzak Landscaping, Inc. ensures a seamless installation of unique outdoor living spaces and landscapes. By acting as the general contractor, Bzak coordinates work to be done by any outside company. Homeowners and business owners have peace of mind that the work is getting done right the first time. Bzak uses superior quality materials to ensure the end product lasts.

Where do the great ideas come from in your organization?

Management is inspired by the natural environment, site-seeing/travel and industry related media. However, Bzak Management has seen what works and what doesn’t in landscaping in its over 35 years of experience. While our creative minds flourish, we are grounded but functional and sustainable design.Who is your favorite superhero and why? Superman. Because he is strong, unique and compassionate. It’s

Who is your favorite superhero and why? 

It’s Superman. Because he is strong, unique and compassionate. It’s obvious that our staff are physically strong to complete the hardscape work we design. Building over 30-foot retaining walls and installing dozens of patios every year, it would be hard to be employed by Bzak and not be strong! Bzak is unique because each design completed integrates the natural environment with the outdoor living space. No two designs are the same. Our masons go as far as to hand chisel highland stone for a perfect fit and one-of-kind finished product. Finally, we are compassionate because we take care of our clients and our community. Bzak supports a variety of organizations to include Boy Scouts of America, local high schools, youth sports programs, and other non-profits.

Michell Roessner, Human Resources – Bzak Landscaping, Inc.


(Pictured: Michelle Roessner – Bzak Landscaping, Bob Kling – GBQ Partners, )

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