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Book: A Leaders Legacy

Most leaders want to leave a mark in their fields, to create a lasting imprint by their work being appreciated and remembered. A Leader’s Legacy shows readers how a legacy is more than a link to a position or place in an organization. A legacy comes from the idea that everyone, regardless of position, can make a difference. Thinking about legacies requires moving beyond short-term definitions of success. Legacies encompass the past, present and future, and force us to consider where we have been, where we are now and where we’re going. A quest to leave a lasting legacy is a journey from success to significance.

By asking ourselves how we want to be remembered, we plant the seeds for living our lives as if we matter. By living each day as if we matter, we offer up our own unique legacy. By offering up our own unique legacy, we make the world we inhabit a better place than we found it.

A Leader’s Legacy is a compilation of 21 essays on leadership grouped together into four sections on major parts of the idea of legacy: significance, relationships, aspirations and courage. Each section has a brief introduction that summarizes the highlights of the topic.

The essays discuss various leadership-related topics, both in theory and in practice. They represent brand new experiences and stories, as well as new variations on familiar themes.

This summary culls the essence of these vignettes and presents the practical, timeworn advice from those in the know, based on the authors’collective research through the years.

What you will learn in this summary:

✓ Why being an effective leader involves serving others.

✓ Why you can’t take trust for granted.

✓ Why it isn’t good to be a micro-manager.

✓ How a forward-looking perspective is integral to a leader’s vision.

✓ How to reflect on moments of courage.

✓ Why it’s OK to fail at your endeavors.

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