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2017 LEAD Breakfast: “Using Well-known Definitions to Trigger Deep Explorations into What We Value”

The way we define leadership – the words and phrases we use and their implied meanings – says something about how we view leadership and what we value in a leader. Even prominent leadership scholars do not agree on how leadership is defined (Northouse, 2016). Since there’s no single definition of leadership, how we define it becomes personal and says something about who we are, what we value, and the message we want to send to others as we express our views about leadership.
In this experiential learning activity, participants will examine six very different, prominent definitions of leadership. This activity is a great starting place to talk about what leadership is (and isn’t), how it differs from management, and diverse viewpoints of leadership.
But perhaps most importantly, this activity offers a conduit to a discussion that how we define leadership says something about what we value in a leader. It segues from discussion about “What is leadership?” into one that explores our core values.
Please join us Friday Oct 13, 2017 at the Clermont Chamber -it’s free but please register here so we have sufficient materials, food & drink.

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