Economic Forecast

economic forecast with ITR Economics Alex Chausovsky

Economic Forecast 

After more than a decade serving as our national economist speaker, Brian Beaulieu, ITR Economics™ CEO and Chief Economist, is passing the torch to the next generation of economic experts. We are thrilled to have Alex Chausovsky, speaker, and the Senior Business Advisor at ITR Economics, lead our 2021 event and many years to come.

Alex has been trained by the best and Brian has given him all the tools to provide the same level of insight that we have become accustom to. Alex is a highly experienced market researcher and analyst with more than a decade of expertise in subjects that include macroeconomics, industrial manufacturing, automation, and advanced technology trends.

He has consulted and advised companies throughout the U.S., Europe, Brazil, China and Japan for the last fifteen years and has been featured on NPR, the BBC, and in the Wall Street Journal.

His extensive consulting expertise is greatly valued by management teams of companies both large and small. ITR Economics’ clients rely on his input when developing strategic plans for the future, as he helps them plan for risk conditions and find areas of opportunity.

Thank you to Brian to his service to Clermont County and we look forward to greeting Alex!

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