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The ABC’s of DEI: What you need to know about diversity, equity and inclusion in the new decade

Many people use the words “diversity,” “equity,” and “inclusion” interchangeably without knowing the true differences between them. Understanding the difference between these words can be the determining factor of whether you are successful in recruiting, retaining and developing talent in 2020 and beyond. Employees want to work for an organization that sets clear goals and strategies around all three!

Join us to learn the meaning of DEI, how to create an organization where all employees thrive and how you can begin to understand and start building a DEI culture in your organization regardless of the size of your company.

Keynote Speaker: Robin Shabbazz, Principal, The Eastledge Group LLC

Panelists will include:

Juan Herrera, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, American Modern
Julie Heard, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Cincinnati Opera
Melvin J. Gravely, II, CEO and Chairman of the board of TriVersity Construction Company

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