LEAD Clermont Academy

Purpose: the LEAD Clermont Academy (LCA) exists to improve the economic vitality of Clermont County, through Stewardship, Leadership and Friendship.

Mission: to develop ethical, effective leadership skills at all ages, and to deploy those skills for the betterment of the Clermont community –its businesses, social services organizations, government entities, faith-based organizations, and families. To make a significant positive impact and be a source of pride to Alumni and the community.

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Our LEADership Philosophy is founded on:

  • Personal Leadership: we can’t effectively lead (influence) others if we can’t influence ourselves
  • Strengths-based Leadership: we are at our best using individual and team character strengths
  • Servant Leadership: we serve a greater good; our impact comes from service to others

The Promise: success is not merely completing classes, but in putting those learnings to use to improve the quality of Clermont life. Each of our student leaders are asked to fulfill The Promise by serving on boards, using their skills on event planning, special projects, and a host of ways to positively impact our community.


LEAD Ready

This is our high school LEADership program.  It exists to offer experiential training to increase high school students’ understanding and practical application of ethical, effective leadership behaviors.

The program also offers learning components on critical life skills such as communications, career readiness, critical thinking, teamwork, etc.

Student LEADers fulfill “The Promise” through projects they identify to improve the experience at their high school. Some projects have created student-to-student mentoring; creating new school traditions; community service events; and others.


LEAD Emerge

Our emerging leader program offers experiential learning to increase the development and impact of young professionals’ leadership skills. Skills they need to contribute now, and to advance their career aspirations.

In addition to leadership practices, these young professionals also participate in exercises on ethical and crisis leadership. They learn early supervisory tools & techniques; networking; critical thinking; and the like.

These emerging leaders are asked to declare their promise. The Promise on how they will they use their newly developed skills back at the office, and in the community.


LEAD Classic

This is our flagship program, with its roots dating back to 1988. It provides the greatest exposure to our county, its leaders and opportunities.

This is a high impact, lively leadership and team building course developed to engage class members with volunteer services throughout Clermont County. Each full-day class is half leadership development and half learning about an aspect of our county. Over the 11-month program students meet a who’s who of key community leaders.

Discover your ability to learn, grow, and LEAD.

Download the LEAD Classic flyer or submit your application online.


LEAD Encore

This program aims to meet the growing trend across the U.S. of baby boomers seeking to use their experiences to give back – for them it’s become more about purpose, less about profit.

For in their third act or encore career, we blend their experiences with new leadership techniques and increased understanding of our county.

LEAD Encore offers exposure to leadership needs around Clermont; introductions to a variety of critical leaders, and matching of needs with the right encore LEADer.



LEADership is about life-long learning; so this program provides continuing development opportunities. It also provides a variety of opportunities to continue the friendships developed in class and during service projects.

LEAD Breakfast is just one offering. Meeting the second Friday each month, LEAD Alumni gather for an hour to discuss a particular topic while spend time with friends.

Courses are offered as are opportunities to engage with LEAD Ready, Emerge, and Classic students.

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