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Everything Bagels – GBQ Member of the Week: 03.19.018

Everything Bagels is a local eatery featuring freshly-made bagels, mouth-watering sandwiches & outstanding service! If you are on the east side of Cincinnati and have not tried their bagels, you are missing out!  Everything Bagels is proud to be named Best of the East once again and the 2017 Customer Focus Award winner from the Clermont Small Business Development Center and Clermont Chamber of Commerce.

What is your favorite vacation spot? 

Being a co-business owner with my fabulous husband does not allow for much vacation time. 9 1/2 years ago prior to starting the bagel shop we did go to Myrtle Beach with some neighbors and had an amazing time. Being a couple that currently works 7 days a week, the best vacation I could imagine would be one that requires a whole lot of nothing. I.e. Laying on the beach and soaking up some sun.

If you could trade jobs with one person for 1 day who would that be and why?

Oh geez… This one’s easy. Anyone that has days off.  Lol Seriously though. I love anything to do with health and fitness and would enjoy a day spending time with clients teaching them and helping them grow their health.

Where do the great ideas come from in your organization?

Any fabulous ideas that occur in these four walls definitely come from my husband. He is a world of knowledge. Brian is constantly reading and expanding his awareness of the world around us.

How do you think your employees/co-workers would describe you? 

Haha. I probably can’t swear in this survey so I’ll keep it clean. I am NOT going to sugar coat it….. I’m hard to work for. Many people have decided a bagel shop career isn’t for them because of my requirements. Let’s face it …. We’ve been here 9 1/2 years. My husband and I are doing something right. I just have to let it roll off my back.

-Diane England, Ower

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